Greetings from the Museum (006/101)

My notebook


*” What are my favourite things ? Definitely my beloved colored pencils accompanying me since childhood in the creation of fragments and ideas that go through my head …
When I take a colored pencil in my hands I feel a pleasure spread between the pads of your fingers.
I also love the astrological natal charts . I like to build them by hand and interpret them. I love the symbols of the planets and signs of the zodiac and I love drawing them.

fine art pencils

I love all kinds of papers and write , especially by hand , I love books and writing poetry. Writing poetry while simultaneously drawing …
I love the paper bags where I can enter my many ideas.
I still love to travel with the imagination …
the clouds that move in the wind , the wild and intense journey the last of the leaves before they die. Every day reborn and die every night ….
What makes me happy?
But of course, draw, paint , create , write … and many other things. “*





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